Excl: ‘Fake polling station’ confirmed in Bristol but NO charges brought

Unbelievable. Government puppets protecting the elite


The SKWAWKBOX received reports at the weekend that a fake polling station had been set up in Bristol during last month’s General Election, with a claim that this had been confirmed by an unnamed returning officer.

fake pollingNot enough in itself to make a story – but sufficient to pique curiosity and prompt the SKWAWKBOX to investigate further.

So we called Avon and Somerset Police press office. The press officer said he had heard nothing of it – but he would check with the complex crimes unit. You’d expect a fake polling station would be memorable, so it looked as though the reports were a red herring.

Except that the same officer phoned back within just a few minutes – to confirm that there had in fact been an unauthorised ‘polling station’ in the city on General Election polling day.

The officer went on to advise that, in spite of the…

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