Watch “DEBORAH TAVARES EXTINCTION Plan for Humanity DEPLOYED Silent Weapon System” on YouTube

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1 thought on “Watch “DEBORAH TAVARES EXTINCTION Plan for Humanity DEPLOYED Silent Weapon System” on YouTube

    Deborah Tavares is a well-known promoter of conspiracies in the conspiracy community (NASA War Document, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, Report From Iron Mountain, Judge DALE, All Governments Are Corporations, etc.).
    Tavares supports her claims WITH DOCUMENTS. But, what her followers do not know is that TAVARES CREATES THESE DOCUMENTS HERSELF. She also ALTERS and CHANGES the WORDS and IMAGES of other documents to make them her claims. Finally, Tavares passes of documents of KNOWN POLITICAL FICTION as if they were REAL “government insider” documents to support her claims.
    For a summary of hoaxes by Deborah Tavares, click here. SCROLL DOWN TO THE COMMENTS BELOW THE VIDEO. Read them all. They are simply unbelievable. If for any reason the link above does not work, simply Google “Deborah Tavares Reddit we are paying attention” (without quotes).
    For hoaxes by Rod Class (Deborah Tavares’ partner in manufacturing these hoaxes), click here. Read the comments. Read them all. They are simply unbelievable. If for any reason this link does not work, simply Google “Rod Class his many hoaxes” (without quotes).
    It is all about shock, fear and fraud.


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