CELIA FARBER - The Truth Barrier

journalist, author, and editor based in New York City, who grew up in Sweden and New York.

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

To Awaken, To Alert, To Inform

New Earth Knowledge

Exploring the Nature of Reality Through Inner Transformation and Awakening

Espionage History Archive

True Spy Stories from Russian Intelligence

Syria News

News and Analyses about Syria

Dauntless Dialogue

The Alchemy of Perception

GMMuk - Michael Aydinian

I regret to announce that my friend and fellow activist Michael Aydinian died on April 7, 2020. More info to come. -Nicky Nelson-

Our Compass

Because compassion directs us ...

CovertAction Magazine

Exposing Covert Action Since 1978

Chemical Free Life

Targeting chemicals of concern in our food, products and environment and offering cleaner, better solutions. Chemical-Free Life... utilizing scientific research, public education and science-based wellness programs to help consumers live cleaner, healthier lives.

Angel Fox Media

Truth is not terrorism, Journalism is not a crime!

The New Dark Age

William Bowles - Online since 1979

the void

narking off the state since 2005

Desultory Heroics

A Chronicle of Dystopia and Resistance

emad's space

Just another WordPress.com site

The Free

blog of the post capitalist transition.. Read or download the novel here + latest relevant posts

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